Dr Manfred (Fred) Reinertz Baron Barriera

PhD, (WashU); QFC, Quantitative Finance Certificate (NYU Stern); Diploma in EU banking & financial Law (IUL); MBA; B.Sc. Com; Court appointed Expert at the Luxembourg High Courts of Justice; in matters: banking, accounting and financial services.

Project based FREE LANCE Senior Financial sector Consultant   

Key Qualifications


Dr Manfred Reinertz Barriera acts as a leading legal, supervisory, and financial regulation adviser in Luxembourg. He holds a CQF, Certificate in Quantitative Finance from Leonard N. Stern School of Business, New York University, NYU Stern, a PhD in Quantitative economics from Washington International University, WIU; and an MBA from the Louvain School of Management, Catholic University of Louvain.

He also obtained an advanced legal degree, Diploma in EU banking and finance Law from IUIL, International University Institute Luxembourg.

He is offering practical complementary services to his legal expertise bridging the gap between legal advice and its implementation.

He is a senior professional with a strong background in corporate and investment banking gained in the ASEAN, based in Singapore, then London; before becoming an Expert and Consultant, in Luxembourg in the financial services industry, serving a large panel of clients (investment funds, management companies, AIFMs(e.g. Hedge Funds), funds service providers, depositaries, etc.).

Licensed (No 87373), as “Conseil Economique”, Chartered Accountant CA, and Legal Examiner at the Luxembourg High Courts of Justice in matters banking and finance.

Member in the Advisory Board of the CSSF, the Commission de Surveillance du Secteur Financier (Banking and Capital Market Regulatory Authority in Luxembourg) 1990-1999, and, since 2001, also a vested Expert with kudos in funded technical assistance programs of the EU, WB and other donors.

He has acumen with all prevailing EU global financial sector regulations of EBA, ESMA, the ECB, and ESRB. Since 2012, also an Expert and Legal Counselor on Central Bank issues (focus: Financial stability and Macro-prudential e.g. systemic risk), Bank and Capital markets Regulatory issues: Micro-prudential regulation and supervision, e.g. Basel III (in the EU as CCR/CRD IV package).

In 2018 involved, at the EU Council of Ministers; providing tutorials on the EU financial services law: Banking Union and Capital Market Union on behalf of the European Centre for Judges and Lawyers. (A specialized antenna of the European Institute of Public Administration (EIPA).) The Centre is located in Luxembourg and is dedicated to training judges, prosecutors, private practicing lawyers and lawyers from public administrations in the EU member states, candidate countries and countries with association agreements with the EU as well as the EFTA countries.

In 2018 shortlisted (reserve list valid 48 months) by the European Commission, Directorate General for Financial Stability, Financial Services and Capital Market Union, to join the Board of Appeal of the three European Supervisory Authorities, ESAs. In 2019 EU Commission, Directorate General for International Cooperation and Development: assessment of the EU’s contribution to World Bank Group funding.

In 2019, lectured and provided tutorials to the European Court of Auditors and EU Commission Directorate General T, on EU financial services law, on behalf of the European Institute for Public Administration and lecturing 2020 at the Summer School of the European Center for Judges and Lawyers, Luxembourg, in matters of the EU prevailing Financial services regulations.

During 2021 lecturing and providing training at the Luxembourg Lifelong Learning Center/ Chambre des salaries; in matters of Compliance and Internal Audit in the Financial sector, as well as training sessions at EIPA on the EU’s anti-money laundering and countering the financing of terrorism (AML/CFT) regulations and rules.


Manfred (Fred) Reinertz Baron Barriera, AD 2021



  • Corporate Governance guidelines for Russian Federal Service for Financial Markets 2003,
  • Basel II implementation guidelines National Bank Czech Republic,
  • Risk based Basel II implementation Basel II National Bank Slovakia,
  • Capital market architecture proposal Azerbaijan Capital markets Regulator,
  • Capital market law EU legal approximation guidelines Moldova Capital markets Regulator,
  • Basel II implementation guidelines National Bank Moldova (Central Bank).
  • EDF White Book: Livro Branco sobre Convergência Normativa e Técnica ( PARTE II: AVALIAÇÃO DE SERVIÇOS FINANCEIROS).
  • Bank of Cape Verde (Central Bank). Making Macro-prudential Policy operational, (with others), public policies to support economic development.
  • Central Bank Luxembourg papers.
  • Contributor, European Central Bank/European Systemic Risk Board’s Handbook on operationalizing macro-prudential policy. public policies to support economic development.
  • Co-Contributor, legal opinion on EU Directive 2011/61/EU and Delegated Regulation (EU) No 231/2013 on AIFM; Contributor BIS’s Quarterly Review June 2011: Rating methodologies for banks.
  • Comparison Major Stock Exchanges: NYSE, NASDAQ and LSE(with others), Academic Journal MCSER Publishing, Rome-Italy;
  • Co-author of Domiciles of Alternative Investment Funds, Oliver Wyman, 2011.
  • Impact of the (EU) Capital Requirements Regulation (CRR, e.g. Basel III implementation in the EU) on the access to finance for business and long-term investments,
  • Co-author with London Economics (LE) Europe 2016. Rating and Scoring Methods for SME, 2017


Brussels/Belgium and Luxembourg/Luxembourg

2021 EIPA funded, European Institute of Public Administration/ European Center for Judges and Lawyers, Luxembourg; European Commission Directorate-General Translation, Tuition –seminar on The EU Financial services policy, Overview of the UE‘s main financial services legislation as in force. Luxembourg: EU Financial services Law for non-lawyers, the EU institutional and Regulatory framework.

2021 Lecturing and providing training at the Luxembourg Lifelong Learning Center/ funded by the Chambre des salaries Luxembourg: in matters of Compliance and Internal Audit in the Financial sector, as well as training sessions at EIPA on the EU’s anti-money laundering and countering the financing of terrorism (AML/CFT) regulations and rules.

2021 Training the staff of Central Bank of Kosovo on adapting the newest EU standards in matters of financial services regulations e.g. “acquis Communautaire” webinar training sessions. Funded by Norway and Luxembourg development aid institutions.

Brussels/Belgium and Luxembourg/Luxembourg

EIPA funded, European Institute of Public Administration/ European Center for Judges and Lawyers, Luxembourg; European Commission Directorate-General Translation, Tuition –seminar on The EU Financial services policy, Overview of the UE‘s main financial services legislation as in force. Luxembourg: EU Financial services Law for non-lawyers, the EU institutional and Regulatory framework

Brussels / Belgium

European Commission, Directorate-General for International Cooperation and Development, DEVCO/ ESS Evaluation Support Services 201S 015-023006 quasi-evaluative study requested by DEVCO Unit A3 to the Evaluation Support Service (ESS) in order to validate and inform DEVCO’s strategic approach to its partnership with the World Bank Group (WBG) and its engagement with WBG Trust Funds (TFs) and Financial Intermediary Funds (FIFs),

Luxembourg / Luxembourg

EIPA funded, European Institute of Public Administration/ European Center for Judges and Lawyers, Luxembourg
– Tutorials given to the EU Court of Auditors, Secretariat General Staff, Luxembourg : Seminar on EU Financial Services Law: LOT 1 EU Financial Services Law: Banking Union and Capital Market Union, CRD IV reconciling financial reporting and prudential regulation, Macroprudential policy for the banking sector, EBA guide lines on SREP
-EIPA Summer school of the European Center for Judges and Lawyers, Luxembourg: Lectures on the current state of the EU ; From the European Economic and Monetary Union, Financial assistance to EU member States EFSM, European Financial Stabilization Mechanism, EFSF, European financial stability facility and ESM, the European Stability Mechanism and EU Banking Union.

Brussels; Belgium

On behalf of EIOPA; the European Institute of Public Administration/European Center for Judges and Lawyers, Luxembourg, lecturing at the General Secretariat of the Council of the European Union; in the frame of a seminar on EU Financial services law, Lot 1: EU Financial services law III: Prudential regulation for banking and capital markets; inclusive and also encompassing the macro-prudential systemic risk aspects in the EU.

Gaborone/Botswana; Johannesburg, Pretoria/South Africa

Formulation of Programme to Support the Investment and the Business Environment in the SADC (South African Development Community) Region .FWC BENEFICIARIES 2013 – LOT 10: Trade, Standards and Private sector EuropeAid/132633/C/SER/multi. Team Leader Dr Fred Reinertz Barriera The specific objective was to finalize the Action Fiche for this 14 million EU program, to be financed from EDF 11 and to be presented to EU Headquarters within the Annual Action Plan (AAP) 2017. In this regard, the Formulation Mission did complete the program design, in particular regarding the following aspects: • The Team did revise the EU Delegation elaborated Action Document and foreseen activities; • The team advised on the most adequate implementation modality for each component; • The team did identify the most appropriate implementing partners for each of the components, giving the reasons for the proposed implementation partners; • The team also did finalize the full formulation of the program in line with EU project Cycle Guidelines, and assist in the production of all formulation documents needed to be included in the Annual Action Programme (AAP) 2017 in line with the latest templates in consultation with the SADC Secretariat and stakeholders, the EU Delegation and other ICPs;


Two scheduled  missions: ALTUN/CMB/TR2011/0740.26-2/SER/004 TA for Strengthening the Capital Market Board of Turkey, the Capital market Regulator:

  • Implementation of EU Capital Requirement Directive CRD  and Capital Requirement Regulation CRR (CRD IV) by CMB the Turkish (Capital market Regulator) Gap analysis EU-Turkish Regulations, drafting of “ad hoc” regulations, training of CMB staff in Ankara.


  • Implementation of EU AIFM Alternative Investment Fund Managers Directive by CMB: Gap analysis EU-Turkish Regulations, drafting of “ad hoc” regulations,(Legal work) training of CMB staff in Ankara


Team Leader, Request for Services no 2014/353575,  Institutional Capacity building of the Central Bank of Egypt ( banking Regulator) in the areas of banking supervision, e-banking and financial  inclusion through provision of capacity building activities and through the design of future capacity building programs. Banking supervision: Own funds: Basel III, leverage ratios, countercyclical capital buffers, and securitization. Direct risks: internal models validation techniques (Credit-, Market- and Operational risks) ECAI recognition criteria, rating methodologies for banks. Macroprudential Financial sector supervision.


Team Leader, Senior Expert, Contract-Request No IPA/TAIB 2009/4.2/LOT 10/03 Support in preparation and implementation of NBRM (National Bank Republic of Macedonia) methodology for evaluation of bank’s ICAAP Internal Capital Adequacy Assessment Process. Basel II, pillar II compliance trough the implementation of requirements as stated in the EU Directives 2006/48 and 2006/49. The Central bank NBRM.


EU funded/ TAC, Expert 1, Senior Expert, Team Leader, Financial sector FWC N° 2012 / 284-083 Evaluation of the past and preparation of the future EU-funded co-operation in the area of financial services, assessment of the current developments in the Ukrainian financial services sector, 4 missions 2012-2013. The Central Bank (NBU), Commission on Securities and Stock Market, Commission for Regulation of Financial Services Market, Ministry of Finance, Economic Reforms Co-ordination Centre, mandated by the president of Ukraine. Assessment of readiness of the financial services sector of Ukraine for an EU sector-wide approach program (SWAP), and/or a budget support (SBS) operating modality; for developing a consolidated policy for the financial sector, in co-operation with the Ministry of Finance, the Economic Reform Co-ordination Centre and with the financial sector Regulators. The policy/strategy with emphasis on a more organized legislative program to approximate to EU Directives in financial services. Contract extensions: 1-Additional task: Assessment of the approximation of the draft new edition of the “Law of Ukraine on Investor compensation scheme” to relevant EU legislation (  EU directive 97/9/EC and amendment proposal of that directive. Gap analysis and amendment proposals. 2- Assessment and progress report of Ukraine towards achievements of Financial services sector in the EU-Ukraine Association Agenda 2012-2013.


Senior Legal Expert, Financial sector FWC N° 2012 / 284-083 Evaluation of the past and preparation of the future EU-funded co-operation in the area of financial services, assessment of the current developments in the Ukrainian financial services sector,  Economic Reforms Co-ordination Centre, mandated by the president of Ukraine.

Assessment of the approximation of the draft new edition of the “Law of Ukraine on Insurance” to relevant EU legislation (Solvency II and Omnibus II directives). Gap analysis and amendment proposals.


Team Leader, IAS/IFRS intern. Accounting & Audit standards, FWC 2011/277365/1 Implementing a Financial Training Plan for the Jordan Securities Commission JSC. To implement and enhance accountability and transparency principles by strengthening the application of international standards in accounting: IAS/IFRS principles, and international standards of audit: ISA guidelines. Capacity building to modernize the regulatory and supervisory framework of the Capital market Regulator (project beneficiary) in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan.

Praia/Cape Verde

Key Expert. No 3: Financial Sector Mission to support the special partnership between the European Union and Cape Verde in the field of technical and normative convergence, Framework contract COM 2011, application No 2011/275753/1 of the EDF.

Support the strengthening and deepening of the implementation of the action plan of the special partnership between Cape Verde and the European Union in the field of the normative and technical convergence of Cape Verde with European standards and mobilization of synergies in In view of the strengthening of the country’s capacities in the specific fields of financial services: banking, insurance, stock exchange (project beneficiary: Central Bank)


National Bank of Ukraine, (Central Bank), Banking Supervision Expert, WB; agent: International Bank for Reconstruction and Development/Dutch Grant TF 055212 project: Consultant on development of regulatory and legal framework for the implementation of risk based supervision. Assistance and professional advice to National Bank of Ukraine (project beneficiary) in its bank supervision function, to implement risk based supervision, Basel II (pillar I, ii and III; ICAAP, SRP and SREP implementation) EU Financial sector regulations compatible and with modern global practice; taking into account lessons learned of the late world financial crisis.


IBRD(World Bank Group) funded/ National Bank of Ukraine, (Central Bank). Regulatory Supervisory Expert WB; agent: International Bank for Reconstruction and Development project: Consultant on regulatory capital calculation enhancement in harmonization with EU framework for bank risk capital adequacy (EU directives 2006/48/EC and 2006/49/EC approximation, introduction ICAAP, SRP and SREP). Assistance and professional advice to National Bank of Ukraine (project beneficiary) in its bank supervision function, to implement risk based supervision, compatible with modern global practice and taking into account lessons learned of the late world financial crisis.


Senior international Financial sector Supervisory and Regulatory  Expert. TA Support for the implementation of agreements between the Republic of Moldova and the European Union: several assignments : 1st  Mission: Compatibility assessment of the (draft) Law on Capital Markets with EU directives and ancillary training of National Commission for Financial Markets (Regulator, project beneficiary): the EU’ Financial sector directives: MiFID, MAD and UCITS. 2nd mission SLAGs:  Sector legal approximation guidelines elaboration project: based on the EU Financial sector Regulatory and Supervisory frame, elaboration of legal recommendations and proposals. 3rd mission: elaboration of Training Needs Analysis, Ministry of Justice:  Training session for the CLA, Center for Legal Approximation, at the Ministry of Justice on EU financial sector legislation. 4th mission: Reinforcement of National Bank of Moldova’s (Central Bank, project beneficiary) capacity with respect to banking regulations and banking sector supervision; implementation of the EU Capital Requirement Directives 2006/48 /EC and 2006/49/EC (Basel II ratios ICAAP, SRP and SERP). TAIEX/Twinning project proposal elaboration.


Senior International Expert Capital markets architecture TA Support for the improvement of the Investment Climate and Export Climate; to foster capital markets and promote the portfolio investments component; new Capital markets architecture design, based on best practice as prevailing in the EU. Several ST missions. Training in Investment funds under EU‘s UCITS regulations for State Committee for Securities (Regulator, project beneficiary) Reporting guideline and principles in matters of supervision and prudential regulatory frame for capital markets.


Team Leader, Institutional Capacity Building Expert TA Strengthening of Iller Bank (the Bank of the Provinces; (project beneficiary) a Government development bank) institutional capacity Considering consistency with EU Legislation and capacity of Iller Bank in terms of financial and economic evaluation of EU financed projects. Enhancement of development and investment Bank component and capacity of Iller Bank (a Turkish Government Development Bank) to raise effectiveness of investments required by heavy investment EU environmental directives. Capacity building, training and technical assistance services under banking capacity assessment.


EIB/KfW funded, Team Leader Senior, Intern Bank Training ExpertEuropean Palestinian Credit Guarantee Fund EPCGF, (project beneficiary) BMZ 2003 65 197; EIB-KfW short term assignment, Bank training program. Elaboration training program for the upgrading of Palestinian Bank staff in the West-bank. Institutional Capacity building for Palestinian commercial banks.

Brussels/EC EuropeAid HQ

Chef de  mission (TL-French) Study regarding an “ad hoc” implementation modus for the new ENPI European Neighborhood and Partnership Instruments, To define a coherent operational and legal frame to enable the European Commission (project beneficiary) to duly implement the new financial instruments as foreseen in the CE 1638/2008 Regulations, in the context of the European Neighborhood and Partnership Instruments defined political strategy. Comparative study of all existing major Finance mechanism of main international and major domestic Donor in matters of Technical Assistance Grants and Aid.

East London, South Africa

Key.Expert 1:  Finance  Expert To strengthen the ECDC Eastern Cape Development Corporation (project beneficiary) as the leading enterprise development organization, facilitating business development services and finance partnership with national South African Government agencies. Lecturing/training/workshops in Project Cycle Management, Due Diligence, project evaluation criteria and decision making process, feasibility studies and cost benefits analysis. PPP schemes in LED.

Orlando, Fl/USA

JUSA Invest/Jupiter USA Inc. Orlando, Fl.,USA; Senior Investment Consultant Venture Capital and Private Equity “Investment House”, with subsidiaries in Germany. Customize Project Planning, Due Diligence and Finance Structuring with Investment Banking partners for project funding in the US. Funding Solutions through mezzanine finance to achieve full project finance. Structured projects finance either as “private placements” 2nd lien/mortgage backed and/or “private equity partnerships” formula in combination with own capital and long term banking debt.

Damascus /Syria

Team Leader, Senior. Intern. Expert Bank Training Banking Sector Support Program II: Provide advice on banking sector reform to Minister of Finance, the Central Bank and the Credit and Monetary Council; (project beneficiaries) provide advice to commercial banks on modernization of procedures, systems and services. Program management together with PMU and PD, MEDA contract, the Central Bank of Syria/Minister of Finance.


Team Leader, cat.1 Exp.Training Evaluation. Final External evaluation of EC Project LAO/B7-3010/IB/97/0210 Euro-TAL Bank Training Project, Lao PDR, Final Evaluation of the project after implementation at the Central Bank.(project beneficiary)


Team coordinator, Senior Internationjal Expert: Risk management in banks and capital markets Support to the implementation of the Basel II Risk-based-supervision for the Central Bank, (project beneficiary) to achieve credit institutions, capital market and insurance supervision in transparency and stability. Identification mission for TOR concept writing. Prepare training courses and seminars for risk management for on-site and off-site Supervisory Inspection teams of the Regulators. Develop proposals for regulations and technical provisions for the new Basel II frame-work, implementation rules regarding risk enhanced supervision for banks and capital market participants. ICAAP, SRP SREP implementation. Coaching/Twinning exercise between the Capital Market Authority (2nd project beneficiary) and the Luxembourg CSSF, Commission de Surveillance du Secteur Financier, on Basel II implementation. (EC’s CRD) implementation  “acquis communautaire”.

Prague/Czech Republic

Team Leader banking supervision team; Senior International Expert  technological and training component Strengthening the Czech Banking sector-Application of Basel II, the Czech banks and the Central Bank (Regulator, project beneficiary), EuropeAid/ 116971/D/SV/CZ, reinforce the banking sector and to improve credit risk and risk management, by training. Contribute to write rules & instructions in the manuals for the Central banking Supervisory Authority especially with emphasis how to perform banking supervision under new Basel II conditions. Review of credit risk models, score cards (scoring techniques) and rating. The Basel II approaches: Std.A; IRB, AMA, a credit risk and market risk methodology for Czech banks; ICAAP, SRP and SREP etc…setting up a Coaching partnership between the Czech Central Bank & Capital market Regulator) and the Luxembourg CSSF, organized a Coaching/twinning exercise in Supervisory assessment of Basel II requirements, the EC’s CRD, defining steps for EU  “acquis communautaire” implementation approach.


Team Leader, Class 1 international Expert, Financial Regulations TACIS Corporate Governance Facility, Russian Federation, FFMS, Federal Financial Markets Service of Russia, (project beneficiary) Identification mission to find ways and means to improve coherence of regulatory frame-work for capital market participants and ancillary banks, improvement of financial sector administrative capacity. As TL wrote paper regarding proposals to improve the general regulatory framework of the financial sector supervision in the Russian Federation, and an assessment paper on corporate governance issues in the Russian capital market. PPP structures with mutual benefits.

Cairo /Egypt

Team Leader, Modernization of the Egyptian Financial sector AMS/451-Lot 10 Contract No 2003/73868 FISC Financial: Bank of Egypt, banking Regulator / Capital Markets Authority / Insurance Supervisory Authority; (project beneficiaries) global reform of the Egyptian financial sector supervision: banks, capital markets and insurance industry. Components: Banking Supervision and Regulations, Implementation of banks operational restructuring, etc. As TL wrote the TOR components regarding the Central bank on Policy Advice, Regulation and Supervision of the banking sector, also the Corporate Governance issues for the Capital Market Authority, as well as the component regarding the implementation of bank restructuring: operational audit, operational restructuring, credit work out, as well as the FISC rationale paper.

New York/USA

External Consultant, KPMG Luxembourg Senior Advisor JP Morgan Chase Asset Management Company (project beneficiary), Regulatory Impact Assessment Study of implications of the EU new UCITS III directive on Collective investment undertakings, CIU’s. Regulatory issues with IFRS reporting, IAS implications versus US GAAP issues. General compliance with EC rules and regulations in matters of corporate governance issues.


Team Leader, Financial sector reform: Regulation & Supervision ExpertFeasibility study for integration of financial Sector regulation and supervision No SKOFIC1Bis-Phare-SL-PAO-CFCU/ECOND.TL, author of the comparative Study of Regulatory and Supervisory frame-work in the EU and world, proposals to unify the Regulators (Banks, Capital markets and Insurance) in Slovenia, A pro and cons study etc… Ministry of Finance/National Bank of Slovenia; the Capital Market Authority and Insurance Supervisory Authority; (project beneficiaries) Proposals to implement the EU’s “acquis communautaire” in the EU accession country.


Luxembourg Ministry of Finance direct TA for EU future accession Member States Team Leader; Senior. Consultant. Regulatory and supervisory Prudential reporting to Bank Regulators. The EU’s CAD II requirements and the impact for accession Countries, gap analysis, proposals how to implement the EU “acquis communautaire” in the candidate EU accession countries. Lithuanian Banking Association (project beneficiary)


EC Commission DG XII Science, Research & Development EU Expert External program Evaluator 5th Framework Program: Improving the Human Research Potential and the socio-economic knowledge base (1998-2002). European Commission: (project beneficiary) Evaluation of research projects: assessment of banking and finance related research projects finance requests on their eligibility for EC funding.


ATTF, Agence de Transfert de Technologie Financière.  (Luxembourg Gouvernement Instrumentality). Chef de Mission (TL) EU Banks’ CAD I and II, “Banks’ ALM, assets & liabilities management”, “Financial analysis, contingent liabilities & risk management for banks. Effective Market risks management lectures, Trading/Balance sheet Risks focusing seminars, SME lending policy etc… Tunisian Banking Association (project beneficiary)


Financial Center Luxembourg

ATTF, Government  Agency for Transfer of Financial Technology;(Luxembourg Central Bank and CSSF Banking Regulator patrons) IFBL, Luxembourg Bankers’ Academy; Luxembourg Life-long Learning Center, Former Senior Expert/ Professor-Associated. Assets & liabilities management, risk management and contingent liabilities analysis, Risks and Hedging techniques, Capacity building to understand Market dynamics, Corporate Governance concerns, international seminars in the involved specific target countries.  Anti-Money Laundering & Terrorist Financing Policy Analysts Lecturing  to provide analytic work on anti-money laundering issues and combating terrorist financing issues. Lecturer, for the CAMFIN Capital Markets and Financial Instruments Certificate, sponsored by ICMA, International Capital Markets Association, Zürich. Lecturer in bank accounting principles at IFBL since 1989 and on IFRS implementation since 2006. IFRS/IAS accounting principles, anti-money laundering, terrorist finance and restrictive financial measures rules, of “EU acquis communautaire” financial sector implementation in candidate accession countries. This was performed most of the time when still an active banker (investment banker and corporate banker) lasting over 20 years with  50-60- days of courses given per annum.


Tokyo, London, Luxembourg

The Nomura Securities Company Ltd, Tokyo, General Manager Luxembourg banking unit. Launch of Rep Office Luxembourg, instrumental in upgrading to a fully licensed Depositary Bank: Clearing, Custody and General Fund Administration, Feasibility study/due diligence proceedings. Launch of the new banking unit: Manager Mutual Fund Dept.1994, Senior Manager Business Planning & Fund Advisory Dept.1995, General Manager 1996, managing the Investment banking department of the bank with 6, 25 billion USD Assets under management. Instrumental in launching investor compensation scheme in Luxembourg:  EU directive 1997/)/EC and deposit guarantee directive 94/19/EC, member of the Board of directors at the instrumentality AGDL.

Paris, London, Luxembourg

Banque Indosuez,  Legal Counsel, Fondé de pouvoirs Principal. Financial Services Dept., financial engineering, collective investment schemes   onshore and offshore jurisdictions, capital markets issues, structured finance: Private banking. Treasury Management: launch of 6 billion FRF Institutional Money Market SICAV, institutional investment fund type structure. Compliance and legal issues, securities and investment funds. Luxembourg, Lugano and the Bahamas, Banco Ambrosiano Holding SA (bank resolution/insolvency procedure),High Court of Justice appointed Corporate Secretary. The Liquidators Touch Ross in charge of the insolvency procedure did entrust the Corporate Secretary with the liquidation of all assets as held in the Bahamas, Latin America and Switzerland. Instrumental in selling BAH shareholder-ship in the Banca del Gottardo to Fininvest (Mr S. Berlusconi’s company) and with assets recovery of Banco Ambrosiano-Andino, Peru and Banco Ambrosiano Argentina. Forensic accounting and assets recovery. Negotiated on behalf of the International Banks’ creditors Steering Committee a settlement agreement with the IOR, Istituto per le Opere di Religione (the Vatican Bank).

Singapore and  Luxembourg

Banque Internationale à Luxembourg, Fondé de Pouvoirs. 10 years Corporate banking/ commercial banking (incl. Leasing/Factoring), out of which 7 years as the Regional Rep. Officer in Singapore covering the Pacific Rim: Hong Kong, Korea, Japan and ASEAN: Corporate banking/International Loan Syndication/Infrastructure finance/Private Banking/Project finance and ancillary Export finance. “Fondé de Pouvoirs”.


Baron Manfred (Fred) Reinertz Barriera PhD







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